1. Each User and Client agrees that, by using the Website, they provide Website Marketplace with certain personal information, including, without limitation, its name, company details, property details, addresses, contact numbers, email address, Advertisements, sales statistics, location information, valuations and prices.
  2. Website Marketplace collects Personal Info to compile and provide services to the Users and Clients and related purposes. It is mandatory for the Client / User to provide some Personal Info in order to access the our Website or mobile apps, as indicated on the Website or mobile application.
  3. By using the Website or mobile applications, each User and Client explicitly consents to Website Marketplace using or disclosing the Personal Info in the following circumstances:
    1. for communication purposes from time to time, provided that the User / Client may request to be removed from a communication system;
    2. de-identified or aggregated Personal Info may be used for statistical and data analysis purposes;
    3. to improve the Website or mobile application, to improve and develop new products, features and services;
    4. in the ordinary course of its business and for promotions and marketing;
    5. for use by its business partners for commercial or marketing purposes;
    6. to any party if it believes that it is required by law or by a court to do so or if Website Marketplace believes that this is necessary to prevent or lessen any unlawful or harmful actions.
  4. In terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, a person about which Personal Info is collected has the right :
    1. of access to and the right to rectify the Personal Info collected;
    2. to object to the processing of Personal Info;
    3. to lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator whose details may be obtained from PPSA.


  1. Each Client and User undertakes to:
    1. keep confidential all information, whether written or oral, concerning the business and affairs of Website Marketplace and of each other whether obtained from that party or any third party (“the Information”);
    2. not disclose the Information to any person other than its employees, agents and/or consultants involved in the implementation of this agreement, without that party’s prior written consent;
    3. use the Information solely in connection with the implementation of this agreement and not for its own benefit or that of any third party; and
    4. keep confidential the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  2. The provisions of this clause do not apply to any Information which is:
    1. independently developed by the recipient;
    2. publicly available without breach of this agreement; or
    3. released for disclosure by the disclosing party with its written consent.